10 Interesting Dental Facts – Kids Pediatric Density - Kids Pediatric Dentistry
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10 Interesting Dental Facts – Kids Pediatric Density

Child who lost baby teeth in healthy way

10 Interesting Dental Facts – Kids Pediatric Density

There are many things about our teeth we don’t know! Generally, we don’t think anything special about our teeth, right? They are just there, and they help us chew. However, there are many interesting facts about our teeth that we really don’t know or perhaps don’t want to know. In this article we’re going to share with you 10 interesting dental facts you probably don’t know. So, keep reading!

  1. Where did they first developed modern tooth brush? Yep England the land of Queen her Majesty! He attached pig hair to a bone handle and this way created a brush that people used to clean their teeth. Modern brush with nylon bristles that we use today was developed in 1930.
  2. Ancient people were not aware of dental health facts, however, they knew the importance of cleaning their teeth. Egyptians used to clean their teeth with a powder like thing made from salt, bones, eggshells and herbs.
  3. All human organs are capable of self-repair except teeth. An injured or decaying tooth cannot heal itself that is why a dentist applies fillings and suggest Root Canal Treatment to protect them from permanent damage.
  4. Tooth enamel is the covering on our teeth and hardest part in human body. It is a non-living tissue and is made up of minerals. Enamel protects teeth from decay. Acidic food and drinks taken in access can damage it.
  5. Many parents ignore an important dental health fact that taking care of baby teeth is as important as permanent teeth. Children start losing their primary or baby teeth around 6 years of age which are then replaced by adult teeth.
  6. There are five different types of teeth in our mouth. Each type has a different shape and function. Some teeth help us take bite on our food while others chew and grind the food. Then there are teeth that help us tear apart the food.
  7. The wisdom teeth grow at the end of the mouth and usually appear during late teens or twenties. Some people do not have wisdom teeth at all. Their coming in usually causes a lot of pain.
  8. Decaying teeth, gum disease, teeth grinding and thumb sucking are the most common dental health issues among children.
  9. Fluoride included in toothpastes improves dental health reducing the chances of decay. It is a mineral and is present naturally in water and foods. If you child is fluoride deficient then the dentist may suggest some fluoride food supplement.
  10. Teach your kids not to swallow the toothpaste and spit it out, however, if they do by mistake there is no need to worry about, it is not a poison. Most toothpastes contain fluoride and swallowing may cause stomach upset. So, always supervise kids while they brush.

Talking these points with your children will help them understand importance of their dental health. If you have some more questions about dental health then consult Dr. Alina Pediatric Dentist, will answer all your questions and concerns. Please call 972-727-0011 to schedule a consultation.