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6 Ways to Build and Maintain Strong Teeth

6 Ways to Build and Maintain Strong Teeth

Are you worried about scheduling a dentist appointment for your children? Are you curious about ways to maintain their healthy teeth? Here are several ways you can keep your child’s teeth in check:

Floss Regularly: Is your child one of the many who only brush? Don’t fall into the misconception! Flossing often skipped because parents don’t realize the impact flossing has. Flossing is actually more important than brushing, as it cleans the tiny grooves between teeth and removes growing plaque from their molars. By flossing regularly, you will see extensive improvement in your child’s dental health letting them keep their strong teeth.

Brush properly: Ask yourself, how long are they really brushing their teeth? If you say anything under 2 minutes, they’re doing it wrong! Don’t rush when brushing, have them take their time. Make sure they brush all angles of their teeth, covering all of the surface areas. Brush in different motions, try going side to side and up and down, even in a circle. This will help them cover all areas and rid of the bacteria throughout their mouth. And most of all, make sure they get their tongue! Brushing like this will help your child build strong teeth.

Avoid grinding teeth: Grinding teeth can result in damage to the surface caused by tooth-to-tooth contact. If your child does this, it will reveal their dentin, and when exposed they may experience severe tooth sensitivity. If this is a habit of theirs, try to stop it, maybe have them chew xylitol gum. It is a type of gum that can reduce gum disease and tooth decay, along with promoting saliva production, shunning away bad bacteria. By practicing these habits, your child’s teeth will be stronger than ever.

Use proper dental products: Using the right toothbrush and toothpaste can make a huge difference in their dental health. Don’t cut corners when shopping for your child’s oral care products because their teeth will be the ones to suffer in the long run. By using proper products your child will be able to maintain their strong teeth.

Don’t ignore the problems: Whether it’s excessive tooth sensitivity, bloody gums, or even discolored teeth a professional always knows best. If something unusual has happened to your child’s teeth or gums, let your pediatric dentist know right away, before it becomes an irreparable burden.

Keep up with those appointments! Going hand in hand with the previous point, dental check-ups every few months for your child will adequately control their dental health and ensure they grow up with strong teeth. Furthermore, if they have a growing unknown oral problem, their pediatric dentist will be able to treat it in a timely manner. These check-ups will also keep your overall bills down and everyone’s teeth happy!

If you follow these suggestions, you can easily keep your child’s teeth strong and reduce the cost of dental maintenance. But don’t let this distract you from seeking the help of a pediatric dentist. After all, they are professionals. If you are in the Allen, Texas area, contact pediatric dentist, Dr. Lisi at Kids Pediatric Dentistry. All in all, having healthy teeth and a beautiful smile are our main goals for our dental health.

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