Dental Infection: Symptoms, Diagnostic and Treatment - Kids Pediatric Dentistry
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Dental Infection: Symptoms, Diagnostic and Treatment

Dental Infection: Symptoms, Diagnostic and Treatment

Kids are at greater risk of catching dental infection (tooth abscess) because their immune system may not be as mature as those of adults. Apart from this, poor diet and poor oral hygiene damage teeth and it is here when bacteria get a chance to enter the tooth through cracks and cause infection.

Dental infections is a serious health issue in children because they suffer from pain and their day to day life is affected negatively, so you must be aware of related signs and symptoms. Early diagnostic and treatment help avoid complications and lessen the pain that children usually suffer from.

Here are some common symptoms that you must keep an eye on to ensure your children’s dental health.

  1. Darker Tooth Color: When a tooth is infected it usually changes its color and turns darker compared to healthy teeth.
  2. Sensitivity and pain: An infected tooth may become sensitive to cold or pressure from chewing and biting and cause throbbing or shooting pain.
  3. Swollen Gums: Healthy gums are pink in color, if they look red and swollen this is an indication that they are infected. In severe cases infections spreads and neck and jaw may also become swollen.
  4. Bad breath: Occasional bad breath or a bad taste in the mouth is common among children. If such problems persist, they may be warning sign for a tooth infection.
  5. Loss of appetite: Pain and sensitivity can cause children stop eating as normal that may lead to weight loss. Parents must be aware to this possibility since children are unable to communicate their problems clearly.
  6. Fever or sickness: In severe cases of dental infections children may suffer from nausea, temperature, and diarrhea.

Dental abscess or infection does not go away without proper treatment. At times the toothache stops but infection may not be healed. So, when you notice any of the above signs it is important that you consult a pediatric dentist who can treat the infection and stop it from spreading.

Diagnostic and Treatment

While treating infection dentist may suggest X-rays, drain the pus from gums and suggest some antibiotics. In cases the dentist may require to pull out the teeth. You need not worry if you child is young as the permanent teeth will appear soon. However, if a permanent tooth is infected then dentist may go for a root canal to clean and remove the infection completely.

Prevention is better than cure

Once your child is diagnosed with dental infection let the dentist do his job. But before that as a parent you must know that prevention is better than cure and ensure your child brushes properly at least twice a day. Avoid chilled carbonated drinks, chocolates and candies. If your children are young don’t allow them to sleep with a milk bottle in their mouth, this way carbohydrate content in the milk reacts with acids in saliva and starts eating the tooth enamel and this leads to tooth decay.

If you are looking for an expert Pediatric Dentist Dr. Alina in Allen Texas will help you come up with the best plan for your child.

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