How many times a year my child needs a dental cleaning? - Kids Pediatric Dentistry
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How many times a year my child needs a dental cleaning?

How many times a year my child needs a dental cleaning?

You should take your child to a pediatric dentist by the time the first tooth appears, usually around six months of age. This may sound too much since your child does not have that many teeth yet. According to the American Dental Association, you should take your child to a pediatric dentist twice a year for checkup and dental cleaning. The regular visit allows your pediatric dentist to detect early signs of dental disease, even though some parents think baby teeth/primary teeth should not require extensive care because they eventually fall out. Your child’s permanent teeth are growing under your child’s primary teeth and they play an important role in your child’s oral dental health. As a parent you should know that if you introduce your kids to a pediatric dentist early on it will build up your child’s comfort and confidence, so they won’t be so anxious or afraid when they go to see a pediatric dentist.

How to prepare your child for the first dental appointment:
Dental hygeinist with kid

  • Talk to your child about the first dental appointment visit and ensure your child that the dental appointment with a pediatric dentist will not be something that will hurt or to be afraid of.
  • Reading a book or watching a video about the first dental visit will help your child be less fearful and more confident.
  • Play pretend to go to the dentist’s game at home.
  • Talk to your child how important it is to see a pediatric dentist. Tell your child a pediatric dentist only cleans, takes pictures, and count your teeth.
  • Plan your first dental appointment and not during your child’s nap time. You also make sure your child has been fed before the first dental appointment.

These factors help you keep your child’s first dental appointment much more pleasant.

What to expect from your first visit to Dr. Lisi’s office?

Dr. Lisi discusses these topics at your child’s first appointment:

  • How to practice good oral hygiene practice for your child’s teeth.
  • Fluoride treatment.
  • Placing a sealant on primary teeth to prevent a cavity if your child has all her/his primary teeth.
  • Taking dental x-rays and making sure your child does not have any cavities depending on your child’s age.
  • Proper diet for the oral health of your child.
  • Oral habits may include thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, lip sucking, and using a pacifier.
  • Getting a prophy/dental cleaning.
  • Also discussing any medical condition your child may have which will affect their dental oral health.
  • Schedule your following appointment for a six-month cleaning appointment or any pending dental treatment your child may have.

Please call our office to schedule your appointment with Dr. Lisi Allen’s Pediatric Dentist at ( 972) 727-0011. If you have any questions regarding your child’s dental cleaning appointment.

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