How to Safely Remove Your Child's Loose Teeth? - Kids Pediatric Dentistry
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How to Safely Remove Your Child’s Loose Teeth?

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How to Safely Remove Your Child’s Loose Teeth?

Your kid comes running to show you a wiggly tooth. As a parent, you become a little anxious and start thinking how to get rid of that loose tooth. Your concern is how to do it without hurting your kid. You may try one or the other way on your own, which turns out to be painful for your child.

But before pulling the loose tooth at home you need to understand: Why do kids’ teeth wiggle? Is the wiggly tooth really a cause of concern? How to get that loose tooth out properly?
You need not worry about these questions because we at Kids Pediatric Dentistry deal with such teeth every day and have answers to all the above questions.

Why Do Kids’ Teeth Wiggle?

It is a natural process in children. We all know children first shed their baby teeth, making way for permanent teeth to grow then. So, a wiggly tooth is a part of this natural process and should not be a cause of much concern. However, at times, a child’s tooth become loose through an unnatural way, like an injury or accident while playing.

Losing a Tooth – The Natural Process

Teeth grow naturally. Teeth roots assist jaw bone in holding them together. When time comes to shed baby teeth, the roots break down. The body absorbs the degrading roots, and the tooth become loose. Remember that sometimes a tooth wiggles a bit, but remains attached to the roots. It is not time to pull that out. Wait for the time when the wiggly tooth becomes completely free, moving back and forth easily. Now it is a sign that you can pull it out painlessly.

Suffer the loss of a Tooth – The Unnatural Way

At times, there are unfortunate incidents when your child falls or gets hit in the face. In such cases, a child may be injured and have one or more teeth become loose. Such scenarios are scarier both for parents and the child.

Most important act here is not to panic and stay calm. Find if some tooth has become loose, broken or ejected from its base. If it is a baby tooth and has fallen out, then you need not worry because it and will be replaced by the new permanent one. However, it is better to visit your kid’s dentist for professional advice. In case, the permanent tooth does not grow for a while, then your child may need a spacer to prevent the adjacent teeth fill in the space where the permanent tooth will appear. Without a spacer, the other teeth may drive the permanent teeth to erupt unevenly, in front of or behind the other teeth, or not at all.


Pulling a Tooth at Home

We strongly advise parents do not apply old traditional methods, whatever they are, to pull out a loose tooth because your efforts may damage your child’s gums or jawbone when you forcefully remove a tooth out of its socket before it is ready to leave its place. The best way to pull a wobbly tooth is to have a tissue paper, wrap it around the loose tooth and squeeze. If the root is fully dissolved, the tooth will offer little or no resistance and will easily slide out of the gum. There will be no or little pain and blood.

It is possible your child may end up pulling their own tooth. It could be unintentional or on purpose and make your child feel pride or fear. Reassure your child a new and permanent tooth will replace it and they did a good job taking care of their loose tooth. Teach your child not to pull out other teeth until they are loose and ready to come out.

You may keep the tooth for the Tooth Fairy. There is a lot of fun around this tale. You can check online suggestions. We at Kids Pediatric Dentistry support you and your child as baby teeth make way for permanent ones. If you have any concerns during the process, you can call us or bring your child to the dental exam. We’re here for you in the Allen area.

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