Diet that improves your child’s dental health
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Necessary Diet for Kids Dental Health

Necessary Diet for Kids Dental Health

Dental health diet is the biggest challenge for parents because what most children like to eat destroys their dental well-being. Tooth decay is common and number of children developing crooked teeth is increasing day by day. The real culprit behind all this is the type of food they eat. If you want to see your kids growing up strong and healthy then as a parent pay attention to their dental health diet.

Sugar is the real enemy of dental health. So kids and teens must avoid sugary treats like candies, lollipops and caramels. Soft drinks saturated with sugar are equally harmful to dental health, acids present in many drinks damage the tooth enamel. However, dark chocolates have do have some health benefits.

Starchy food like pasta, soft bread and potato chips get trapped between teeth and if not brushed and rinsed with water properly can lead to tooth decay. Citrus rich fruits like grapefruit and lemon are highly acidic and erode tooth enamel over time.

What Should Children Eat?

As a parent you must be concerned about your kids’ dental health diet, this list may help you plan accordingly.

For Clean Mouth: Water comes first while thinking about dental health diet, it is a rinsing agent for what we eat and drink. It is indispensable in our life and a main ingredient in our saliva. After taking food use of water washes away the left over particles reducing the chances of developing cavities.

For Teeth and Strong Bones: Your list of preventive dentistry is incomplete without milk and other dairy products, they are a rich source of calcium that keep kids’ teeth and bones strong. 99% of calcium consumed is stored in teeth and bones so you can realize how crucial it is for your children while growing up. Vitamin D present in fish also plays a key role keeping teeth and bones strong.

Plaque Removing Diet: While talking about dental health diet, apples, carrots and celery are a great pick. They are not only good for general health but regularly eating them help remove plaque from teeth. Vegetables and fruits rich in fiber have a detergent like effect in mouth.

Good for Tooth Enamel: Spinach leaves carry beta-carotene which protects tooth enamel from wearing and tearing. Enamel is made of mainly calcium and phosphorus and foods rich in these two elements is a safeguard against erosion of enamel.

No More Swollen Gums: Fruits and vegetables that carry Vitamin C must be included in a dental health diet plan for kids because they help prevent scurvy leading to swollen gums and bleeding both in kids and adults alike. Strawberries, kale and broccoli are a great source of Vitamin C.

Fight with Bacteria: While deciding dental health diet parents and schools should look for food rich in antioxidants because it fights against inflammation and dental infections and thus protects gums and from other dental diseases. Nuts, beans, grapes and apples are a great source of antioxidants.

If you want to know more about dental diet for children, consult Dr. Lisi at Kids Pediatric Dentistry in Allen, will answer all your questions and concerns. Please call 972-727-0011 to schedule a consultation.