What are Shark Teeth And What Do Parents Need to Know About Them? - Kids Pediatric Dentistry
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What are Shark Teeth And What Do Parents Need to Know About Them?

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What are Shark Teeth And What Do Parents Need to Know About Them?

“Shark Teeth”; This dental term derives from the fact that sharks have between 5 and 15 rows of teeth in each jaw. Their teeth have no roots and are replaced every week or so. Shark teeth is a condition that occurs in children when adult teeth develop behind their baby teeth, resulting in a double row of teeth. This occurs when there is either a failure of adult tooth eruption or a failure of primary (baby) tooth resorption. At times, both. Either condition causes the baby teeth to not exfoliate (fall out) as they should, resulting in multiple rows of teeth, also referred to as “Shark Teeth”!

Shark teeth are more common in the lower (front teeth) incisors, but they can also appear in the upper incisors as the molars mature and grow in. When the upper back molars erupt, they usually happen around age 6, but they can appear as late as age 11-12. Shark teeth do not always need to be treated because the primary teeth usually become loose and fall out on their own. The real question is how much the adult teeth are deflected and whether they can be easily corrected orthodontically!

Maintaining regular pediatric dental appointments will allow your child to have ongoing dental eruption pattern assessments regarding the proper development of their adult teeth, bite, and smile

If the baby teeth are causing the adult teeth to develop and erupt improperly, your child’s pediatric dentist may recommend extraction of the teeth that are causing the problem. Because primary teeth serve as placeholders for adult teeth, removing them too soon can also be problematic.

Early space loss can contribute to future orthodontic issues. Consistent assessments by the pediatric dentist can definitely reduce, if not eliminate, the need for future orthodontic care, saving parents time and money! Shark teeth are not uncommon, but they should be evaluated if they do not appear to be resolving naturally. They can cause crowding of adult teeth and make brushing and flossing more difficult.

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