At times your kid may need cosmetic dentistry
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When and Why Kids Should Receive Cosmetic Dentistry?

When and Why Kids Should Receive Cosmetic Dentistry?

Many believe that cosmetic dentistry is only for adults, this is not so. There are pediatric dentists that specialize in this dental health area keeping in view the fact that children with dental deficiencies may require such treatment.

Though some argue that that children are too young to experience the procedures of cosmetic dentistry, however, one needs to remember that in contrast to adults, cosmetic dentistry for kid is minimally invasive and that is why it is becoming increasingly common.

Parents are found asking when and why their kids should need cosmetic dentistry. Here is a list related to dental health scenarios that demand intervention of cosmetic dentistry.

A Solution to Discolored Teeth

Many children have spotted or discolored teeth. At times use of certain medications darken or lighten the teeth in a way that become noticeable.
Toothpastes, though good for regular use, but fail to fight stains. Pediatric dentists, on the other hand, use mild acid to remove stains in a way that tooth normal structure is not affected. This traditional treatment is reasonable and inexpensive.

Fractured and Chipped Teeth

As a parent you may not like if your child has a fractured tooth. There are several ways to treat the fractured tooth but bonding is most common solution for children’s fractured teeth. Here dentists use adhesive materials to restore a fractured or chipped tooth. Though treatment is fast and affordable but as a parent you must know that bonded teeth are not as strong as the original and can be broken easily in future.

Use of Braces

Some kids have crooked, crowded or overlapping teeth. In such a scenario, pediatric dentist may suggest application of braces that help guide teeth grow properly. Braces help improve what is called “orofacial” appearance. Smooth teeth are easier to clean reducing the chances of tooth decay and gum disease in future. Braces really help improve self-esteem in children and adults both.

White Fillings

In the case of cavities inside your kids’ mouth, dentists go for a tooth colored filling that blends in with teeth making it difficult to recognize that the space has been covered artificially. Once such cavities were filled up with silver colored fillings which aesthetically was not a good option but that is now a thing of past.

A Note of Caution

Cosmetic dentistry is not only restorative in nature but ensures long term dental and emotional health of young ones. That is why today more and more parents are asking about it for their kids; they know that cosmetic dentistry can improve their kids’ smile and self-esteem.

However, parents must know that when and why their kids need cosmetic dentistry. On this pediatric dentists advise that kids should not undergo the procedures of cosmetic dentistry until their all permanent teeth are in place and they have significant emotional or physical health problem.

How dental health may affect your kids’ self-esteem then consult Dr. Lisi,  Allen Pediatric Dentist, will answer all your questions and concerns. Please call 972-727-0011 to schedule a consultation.